Inauguration of the Academic Year with the Holy Father

From Fr. Benedict Croell OP, Chaplain (for English speaking students)

On 19 November 2009 many Angelicum students and the Dominican Friars attended the Inauguration of the Academic Year with our Holy Father in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall for all the pontifical universities of Rome.

The words of our Holy Father were heard clearly by all of us: "Remember that the study of the sacred sciences must never be separated from prayer, from union with God, from contemplation, ...otherwise reflection on the divine Mysteries risks becoming a vain intellectual exercise."

Such a possibility would have been unheard of in the time of the patron of our university, St. Thomas Aquinas. It was Aquinas that gave to us the principle of study for the sake of preaching and the salvation of souls when he said, "Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere" (to contemplate & to give to others the fruits of contemplation).

As we continue this semester, let all of our efforts be intimately connected to prayer and a life in the Spirit so that what we do here during our short time in Rome will find perfect fulfillment as the Lord's plan for us is made clear.

Here at the Angelicum, we have one of the best opportunities to keep the right focus in our studies by making frequent visits to our Adoration chapel to encounter once again the source of all Truth - Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

May the Lord bless your studies!

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