Le foto della gita ad Assisi

Potete prendere visione delle foto della Gita al seguente link http://aula6.altervista.org/assisi.htm oppure su Facebook tra le foto della nostra pagina ASPUST

Angelicum Mass for Fr. Ragheed Ganni

Martedì 1 Giugno 2010 alle ore 18:00 nella Cappella/Coro dell'Angelicum si terrà la Celebrazione Eucaristica per commemorare il martirio di padre Ragheed Ganni studente presso la Pontificia Università San Tommaso dal 1997 al 2001.

Nuovo canale YouTube dell'Angelicum

The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome has launched a video channel on YouTube that will feature news coverage of the University and major Angelicum events: http://www.youtube.com/user/prpust.

It marked the start of the Angelicum's PR Office strategic vision of working "to help the Angelicum as an international, Catholic, ecclesiastical and Dominican institution bring the University’s community, alumni, friends and benefactors closer to the university and one another," said the (Very) Rev. Alejandro Crosthwaite, OP, Vice-Rector for Public Relations of the Angelicum.

The Angelicum officially unveiled the new channel May 9, 2010. The new Angelicum PR Office initiative will make information and news about the Angelicum more readily accessible on the Internet together with its Facebook & Twitter sites and the Angelicum Newsletter Blog that as been on-line since 2008.

The wise use of online networking technology can help people join the Angelicum community "in the Dominican tradition of 'sharing with others the fruits of our contemplation' transcending geographical boundaries in an inexpensive way," Fr. Crosthwaite said.

Viewers will be able to leave comments, distribute the videos by e-mailing or messaging the links, and share the videos with friends on various social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, as well as submit the Angelicum video links to news aggregator sites like Digg.

Prof. Crosthwaite said the YouTube initiative was only the beginning of a long journey utilizing some of the possibilities today's digital media and platforms offer.

He said the Angelicum hopes to expand the kind of video coverage it offers to include Angelicum student- and professor-made videos.