Karol Wojtyla Discussion Group

Cyborgs & Sacraments: the Redemption of Cyber-Culture
with Matthew John Paul Tan

Is The Matrix already a Reality? In our next session, we would look at our culture’s fascination with cyberspace and electronics. From Second Life, Digital Photography and Facebook, we see a diverse array of ways to realise our desire to go beyond our bodily limitations through cybernetic means.

At first glance, Christians may look at these as instruments to make life easier,and even see them as new avenues of building Community and spreading the gospel. But do these conveniences blind us to an anti-theology of the body that produces an atomistic and even anti-sacramental way of life? How then are we to make sense of cyberculture? Is it all bad? If not, can it be redeemed?

MONDAY 3 MAY 2010 at 12:40 in Aula 11

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